Who we are

“Sometimes, all you need is a new perspective.”

Absolutely right, isn’t it? Looking at the world from the right glasses makes it more magnificent. The beauty of this world is beyond perfect, and you need something perfect to embrace it. We give you those eyes to cherish it.

About Us

KnightHorse is a leading brand in the age of manufacturing and trading business sector from over a decade now. Our brand, under which we deal in the manufacturing and trading of  Frames and Sunglasses. We have outshined several other businesses with our strong and influential history of building value which made us blossom in all our businesses; be it in the world of producers or manufacturers. With a firm belief in delivering quality, we strive to be innovative in our approach to impart nothing but the value to our customers and class simultaneously.

Our philosophy resonates with “Your Choice is Our Excellence” which also happens to be the guiding principle behind every business at KnightHorse. It motivates us throughout to procreate operational excellence with the sole focus on newness and innovation via efficient utilisation of resources.

KnightHorse’s journey of thousand miles started with a single step in 1995 with a commodity trading and import firm. Our work ethics has always pushed us forward to be optimistic with a focused and ardent vision. We acquired this indispensable position with our skilled team and their potential. Because of this collective hard work and passion of our team, fortune also favoured us and we became one of the leading brand in our industry within a very short period of time. As a result, we built and expanded new businesses countrywide. KnightHorse is presently handling worldwide operations and growing every moment.